Edward Siciliano

Edward Siciliano

President/CEO & Member of the committee

As the President/CEO and member of the committee, Edward is responsible for in organizing and direct the affairs of the company subject to the policies laid down and powers delegated by the Board of Directors. To convene the meetings of the general body, Board of Directors and sub-committees of the Board and prepare agenda notes for submission before these bodies and record the minutes thereof. He takes action on the resolutions and decisions taken by the general body, the Board of Directors and its sub-committees, to conduct all the correspondence on behalf of the company. He decide upon the admissibility of nominal members, by placing the applications for regular membership or for additional share capital before the Board with his own recommendations. He endorse the application of agent representative and demarcate the duties and responsibilities of all the staff working under him. As the CEO he arranges for proper maintenance of all the required books of account and registers, and for their periodical balancing.

He can sanction secured and unsecured loans as well as endorsement of projects submitted for financing and advances either singly or jointly up to the limits specified by the Board, subject to subsequent reporting to the Board. Applications for amounts beyond his sanctioning powers should, however, have to be placed before the Board/sub-committee after proper appraisal along with his comments/recommendations. He arranges for post-disbursement credit supervision and for recovery of loans and advances granted. He arranges for all lawful payments, for safe custody of movable and immovable property of the company, or of the articles placed within the LFTL platform for safe custody or as security.

He also arranges for recruitment of required staff and to attend to all staff matters including rotation of their duties, transfer, disciplinary action, wherever required, sanctioning leave of absence, etc. He oversees investment of surplus funds of the company in accordance with the investment policy laid down by the Board and to report the particulars of such investments to the company Board in its next meeting. He represents the company in all legal proceedings involving the Anti-Fraud policy and companies code of conduct.


Areas of expertise

  • Funds management

  • Team building and training

  • Communication Skill

  • Portfolio Nurturing


  • Bachelor's Degree, University of Pennsylvania
    Activities and Societies: Daily Pennsylvanian, Penn Student Agencies
  • MBA, Stanford University Graduate School of Business
    Studies in Business Administration and Management, General
  • DBA, Harvard University business administration
    Field of Business Administration.


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