Vladimir Svec

Vladimir Svec

Member of the Board of Directors

As the member of the board of directors Vladimir Svec is responsible in approving the agenda and draft minutes of Finance Committee meetings, as advised by the Chief Executive Officer, to report on the activities of the Finance Committee to the Board of Directors. With the support of the Deputy Chief Executive, ensure the Finance Committee is acting within its powers and terms of reference. He provides support and direction to Finance Committee members to ensure their contribution is relevant and effective. To develop a working relationship with the Finance Director. Undertake other duties consistent with the role of the Finance Committee Chairman to ensure the effective functioning of Finance within the company. To deputise for the Chairman of the Board of Directors where necessary and on specific request.

Areas of expertise

  • Governance

  • Growth Enhancement

  • Decision Making

  • Leadership Skills


  • PhD, Business Administration
    Harvard University of Business
  • MBA, Harvard University
    Business Administration
  • CFA, Institute
    Financial Accreditation


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