Jonathan Miles

Jonathan Miles

Chief Investment Officer (Spain Unit)

Mr. Jonathan was elected as the Chief Investment Officer to handle and oversee Legion Finance Trade Limited activities in our Spain Unit and neighboring countries, after serving as the portfolio Manager in the United Kingdom, he can communicate in 3-5 different languages. His major role is to oversee, structure, and evaluate LFTL investment portfolios, domestic equity, fixed-income securities, international equity, cash management, currency evaluation, alternative investments, managed futures, or large real estate investments, by resolution of the Board.

He is responsible for coordinating asset allocation for all asset classes and sub classes within the Legion Finance Trade Limited investment securities by supervising, evaluating, and monitoring the investment portfolio and associated investment activities, facilitating communication between and among the Board of Trustees, advisory committees, employees, members, beneficiaries, and outside entities interested in securing financing from Legion Investment Fund Group, enhancing the Board’s ability to make effective, prompt decisions in all matters related to investments and the administration of the investment department, and reporting as requested by the Board of Directors.

Areas of expertise

  • Corporate Investment

  • Portfolio Management

  • Assets Management

  • Cash Management


  • BSc, University of Warwick
  • (ACA, FCA), (Fellow Chartered Accountant).
    Banking, Finance and Economics
  • (MBA, PhD), Harvard University
    Business Administration, Asset Management


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