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Too many loan seekers fall prey to loan sharks. The loans they get from these unscrupulous lenders aren’t designed around their situations and have high repayments.

Legion Finance Trade is committed to providing personal loans and debt consolidation products that give you financial freedom and can help you manage your debt responsibly. Legion Finance Trade is a licensed financial services and registered credit provider.

Legion Finance Trade offers each customer a My Money Plan, allowing you to take one or a combination of personal loans with the flexibility to consolidate your current debt and suit your financial needs. Speak to us to find the loan that is right for you Or you can apply for your loan Here.

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LFTL Business Capabilities Loan allows clients to finance their project expenses prior to grant reimbursement.

Business owners recognise the need to build new capabilities to sustain their operations in our increasingly competitive climate. Business owners can defray costs associated with skills upgrading, innovation and productivity related projects, product development, or overseas expansion.

The Business Capabilities Loan (BCL) is designed specifically for business owners who have successfully managed their businesses to cover expenses incurred during their business growth As the first financial sector to offer BCL as a bridge financing solution for capability development, you can now easily embark on such projects that will change business models, improve productivity and expand capabilities for growth.

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Loan syndication is used in corporate borrowing. Companies seek corporate loans for a wide variety of reasons. Loan syndication is commonly needed when companies are borrowing for mergers, acquisitions, buyouts and other capital projects that involves huge amount of money. These types of capital projects often require large loans, thus loan syndication is mainly used in extremely large loan situations.

Loan syndication allows any one lender to provide a large loan while maintaining a more prudent and manageable credit exposure because the lender is not the only creditor on the deal. Large capital projects for corporate borrowers often need very large sums of capital to complete the transaction; therefore, one or more than one single lender is often relied upon for loan funding.

Within the loan syndication process, terms from all of the lenders on the deal are typically the same although they may vary. Collateral requirements by the lenders can often vary considerably. Usually there is only one loan agreement for the entire syndicate.

For Syndicated Loan please use our contact form to send your request or you can call us on our contact phone number to speak with one of our representative for further understanding of your need.

Project funding is the act of providing financial resources, usually in the form of money, or other values such as effort or time, to finance a need, program, and project, usually by an organisation or government. Generally, this word is used when a firm uses its internal reserves to satisfy its necessity for cash, while the term financing is used when the firms acquires capital from external sources.

Funds are injected into the market as capital by lenders and taken as loans by borrowers. There are two ways in which the capital can end up at the borrower. Here at Legion Finance Trade Limited, we focus on direct lending to borrowers or promoters by providing adequate financial services when needed. Entrepreneurs with a business concept would want to accumulate all the necessary resources including capitals to venture into a market this is part of the project funding process, as some businesses would require large start-up sums that individuals would not have. These start-up funds are essential to kick start a business idea, without it, entrepreneurs would not have the ability to carry out their concepts in the business world.

The diagram below shows the Legion Finance Trade Limited project funding cycle:

To apply for project funding from Legion Finance Trade Limited, please kindly use our contact us form and state your project needs, then one of our project analyst will get back to you with our project funding guide.