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Board of Directors Meeting and Management Resolution

Thank you for being a part of the Legion Finance Trade Limited customer over the few years. It is in this interest that we are bringing to your notice that our board of directors has concluded the going issue with policy management due to the BREXIT. Therefore we are pleased to inform you that we are back to our regular funding environment and our website has been completely updated with the current policy and governing laws of England and Wales. 


During the meeting held in on the 8th of September, 2017 regarding the funding policy in the the LFTL work environment our board of directors has issued a mandate to terminate all funding within West Africa and East Africa, due the inconsistencies among the customers/promoters within the region. However if you are already a customer/promoter within this region with a Multi-bilateral loan or funding we still acknowledge working with you all your project needs or funding need. 

The Agenda of the meeting is to maintain LFTL's funding integrity among it's clients. Funding termination has also lead the board to withdraw all his investment in the aforementioned part of the world. The region of West Africa has been notably marked for supplying false documents to secure funding from LFTL and this has led to the decision of the board, while the region of East Africa has been notably marked for their inconsistencies in the LFTL funding procedures and lack of credibility among the various clients in the country.

Further to this meeting and decision by the board of directors LFTL will enforce his policies in ensuring that all funding procedure and funds procured from LFTL is used solemnly for the purpose it applied for. Therefore we encourage all promoters/borrowers to work inline with LFTL funding policy to ensure a successful work environment between LFTL and it's clients. 

We have also updated our project policy to effect our confidentiality among project promoters by apply a strict policy that restricts the general public from probing into our promoters/borrowers project information and financial standing. LFTL holds a great mandate to it's stakeholders.

2017-09-30 00:00:00
Thank you for the information, We will comply with the LFTL funding procedure as always.
2017-10-22 00:00:00
Thank you LFTL for your services, we will ensure to work in line with your policy.
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